PPMI's digital printing plant currently based in Basildon, Essex.

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Phoenix Gourmet

Phoenix Gourmet (Huaiyang Cuisine)

It is renowned as one of the Four Great Traditionals which dominate the culinary heritage of China.


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Cultrual exchange & travel

Travel business, conference organisation, cultural exchange events, professional training, exhibition organisation and business meeting.

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Welcome to PPMI !

PPM International (London), Ltd, is the UK subsidiary of Phoenix Publishing & Media Group. It is engaged in businesses such as publishing and copyright trading, hotel and restaurant running, litho and digital printing, International trading and cultural exchange events, and the travel agent etc.

Introduction of Phoenix Publishing & Media Group

Phoenix Publishing & Media Group is one of China's largest and most powerful cultural conglomerates. Phoenix Publishing & Media Group is active in six sectors including publishing, distribution, printing, hotels, real estate and finance with an annual revenue of about GBP 2 billion.

PPM International (London), Ltd

Xanadu Publishing Ltd

Xanadu is devoted to traditional and digital publishing, copyright trading and movie production etc.

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Phoenix Epping Hotel

Phoenix Epping hotel is located in beautiful, natural surroundings near Epping Forest.

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